Retired & Senior Alumni Luncheon

Following our thoroughly enjoyable Golden Jubilee celebration by RMIT SRC members from 1966/67/67,  the RMIT University Alumni office contacted us with an invitation to all members of our group. They would like to personally invite any RMIT graduate from our SRC group who might be interested to attend the next Alumni event, and to include us on their mailing list for future events.

The next event will be their 3rd “Retired & Senior Alumni Luncheon” for 2016.  This will held at lunchtime on  Wednesday 7th September at the William Angliss Restaurant Melbourne.  It’s an opportunity to catch up with others in our group who join their mailing list and other Senior Alumni. The Guest Speaker this time will be Vice-Chancelor of RMIT University Martin Bean CBE and he will discuss the latest developments at the University.  Further details of the above Alumni event are provided here.

If you are not already on the RMIT University Alumni mailing list and  would like to receive a personal invitation  to attend this and other alumni events just let us know and we will be happy pass on your contact details to them. Of course any RMIT graduate can independently visit the Alumni site and join their mailing list, however in response to our successful re-connection with RMIT University and their Student Union two weeks ago this is a personal invitation by them to all of us to join their mailing list.

Would you like us to pass on your contact details to them if you are not already on their mailing list? If you are interested, given the timing of the next Alumni event could you get back to us by return mail if possible, or for later events whenever you can.


John Costa, Robin Hunt and Ian Hill

2 responses to “Retired & Senior Alumni Luncheon”

  1. There are at least two (Peter Gill & Peter Gibson) and possibly three (t.b.c.) RMIT “Studio 2” people also attending at this stage from our golden jubilee reunion last year, as am I. If we get 11 we can have our own table if we want to.

  2. I have put my name down for RMIT (well Wm Angliss actually) for Sept 7 – so has Margaret A’Beckett.
    Robin Hunt